Single Review: Christina Aguilera “Genie In A Bottle”

Genie In A Bottle
Album: Christina Aguilera
Year: 1999

In 1999, a squeaky clean Christina Aguilera debuted. In her first video, Genie In A Bottle, Christina Aguilera sat on the beach and looking shyly into the camera. Despite the some of the suggestive lyrics, she was deemed inoffensive.

Genie In A Bottle is one of the better pop songs which did not rely on songwriter and producer Max Martin. First, Christina Aguilera can sing. Her voice moves effortlessly from the upper to lower registers. It is most noticeable at the “The music’s banging/And the lights down low/One more dance and we’re good to go/Hormones racing at the speed of light” section.

It’s a fun song filled with double entendres the younger set wouldn’t get. However, the subject matter is one the older set definitely will. There aren’t many songs are about holding back lusty thoughts and wanting to follow through with them at the same time. Overall, it’s a great debut.



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