Single Review: Christina Aguilera “I Turn To You”

I Turn To You
Album: Christina Aguilera
Year: 2000

Diane Warren ballads are tough to pull off. It is a feat that many singers/entertainers cannot accomplish, especially in their first outing. On Christina Aguilera’s first album, she had two Diane Warren songs. Unfortunately, I Turn To You is the weak one.

I Turn To You is about a girl who turns to someone close to her when she is scared, etc. However, the lyrics are trite, i.e. “For a shield/ from the storm/for a friend/for a love to keep safe and warm.” Aguilera saves the verses by having a mature voice, which allows her to bring more emotion than the song deserves. However, it’s the chorus, which is a lost cause. The vocal arrangement is childish to the for her to sing convincingly: The song’s true highlight, though, is Aguilera hitting the high note on the lyric ” To carry on” (1:39) The note is built upon instead have simply belted out.


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