Single Review: Christina Aguilera “The Voice Within”

The Voice Within
Album: Stripped
Year: 2003

“Stripped” is a rare, cohesive pop album. The songs, in their order, match the energy of the last (i.e. the superb ballad Walk Away is then followed by rock influenced Fighter.) The Voice Within begins the closing of the album (after the Stripped, Part 2 interlude).

The Voice Within is filler, amid a crop of choice ballads. The superior Soar already filled the quota of inspirational songs. With this single, she’s cloying and apparently, caught in the early 90s. “The Voice Within” may be released this year, but it seems as though it’s a cover of a rejected Whitney Houston song. The choir addition towards the end is an overdose of saccharine and unnecessary. With the choir, “The Voice Within” is far more dramatic than it needs to be.


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