Single Review: Aaliyah “The Thing I Like”

The Thing I Like
Album: Low Down Dirty Shame Soundtrack
Year: 1994

The Thing I Like starts out innocently. Aaliyah is singing about a guy who likes her and treats her well. It’s sweet and pleasant, which it should be, for a song about a first relationship.

Then R. Kelly pops in near the end, and it becomes an inapporiate love letter to Aaliyah. His entire rap at the end, which him first getting a kiss and then a date, and an encouragement from him that she has a “thing” for him. The creepiest and most telling lyric, by far, is “If lovin’ you is wrong/Then I don’t want to be a right/’Cause you got that thing that I like” However, the sleaziness is not surprising at this point. His leering is evident from the “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” album cover, with him out of focus and in the background.


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