Single Review: Britney Spears & Madonna “Me Against The Music”

Me Against The Music
Album: In The Zone
Year: 2003

It must’ve been all those Red Bulls. Otherwise, any entertainer worth their salt would not release this song as their debut single while their career is in decline. But then again, Britney Spears never put enough worth into her salt for it to matter.

Madonna’s an another issue. Her participation on the single is a calculated, but moronic public relations move. She needs to pick up her career again, not latch onto Britney’s skidding gravy train. However, Madonna is the only reason to listen to this dribble.

The song opens with a spoken introduction of Britney saying she’s ‘against the music’ and Madonna chiming in with ‘and me.’ The introductions, which have now become commonplace in her singles (Lucky, Overprotected, I’m A Slave A 4 U, & Boys), are simply silly now. They have been used too often to even make an impact anymore. Britney raging against pop music is also ridiculous. Happy, shiny pop music is what Britney does best. Messing with the formula, like Britney’s handlers are doing here, is a mistake. They overshoot and release an obtuse pop song without any structure.

Madonna gives ‘Me Against The Music’ some life. While Britney is nasal and detached throughout, Madonna’s added lyrics of ‘Sexy lady, I rather see you bare your soul/If you think you’re so hot/Better show me what you got” are spot on about Britney’s android image. Her teasing, brazen delivery is the only time when someone seems like they are having fun.

It’s a failed attempt to make Britney ‘dirrty’ and break away from her teenybopper image. However, it’s an image she can’t sell until she actually stops playing the innocent act.


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