Single Review: Jessica Simpson “The Sweetest Sin”

The Sweetest Sin
Album: In This Skin
Year: 2003

Halfway through the Newlyweds season, Jessica Simpson’s and Nick Lachey’s reality show, her father, Joe says to the camera “Jessica has waited…. uh…. to sing about or have sex until she’s married. And now she’s married, and uh…. I think we’re celebrating the fact that… she can do it ’til she’s blue in the face, and uh, she can sing about it, too.” Next shot shows him gawking as his daughter and son-in-law simulate sex in a bed. An appalling but telling statement, which explains the “Sweetest Sin.”

First, Joe Simpson has unfortunately thrust his sexuality issues upon his daughter. The Diane Warren penned lyrics repeatedly emphasize that sex (even married, despite his statement) is shameful. “Your skin upon my skin/would be the sweetest sin” and “it would feel so good to be so bad/You don’t know how bad I want that.”

It’s supposed to be a sensual and romantic ballad. However, Jessica isn’t convincing. She is self-conscious and uncertain in her delivery of the lyrics. The song also doesn’t benefit from her breathy and strained voice. An assertive and confident Jessica, pining for her new husband would have sold the song.


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