Single Review: Aaliyah “Back and Forth”

Back And Forth
Album: Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number
Year: 1994

In 1994, the music industry was filled with young teenaged girls, each trying to find their own niche. Aaliyah, then 14, began with producer R. Kelly. Whereas, Brandy was marketed as the wholesome girl-next-door and Monica as the tough, confident one, Aaliyah was the shy girl, who covered her eyes behind sunglasses.

Aaliyah’s summery voice fits with the upbeat Back And Forth. Aaliyah declares that she “is the A-a-l-i-y-a-h/ …I’ve got jazz personality, jeep mentality” However, it’s a standard “get on the floor and dance” song with the obligatory “DJ, keep the music grooving” lyrics. Mr. Lee’s rap in the middle takes away from an otherwise decent bridge, which allows Aaliyah to show her range. It’s a good debut single, but nothing really impressive.


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