Single Review: Jessica Simpson “With You”

With You
Album: In This Skin
Year: 2003

“With You” finds Jessica Simpson mocking her image. The success of Newlyweds made her America’s Top Dumb Blonde. She’s on SNL, parodying Britney Spears. She’s starting a bath and beauty line called Dessert. She’s now the It Girl.

However, sales of “In This Skin” were low and showed that Jessica Simpson, reality television star trumped Jessica Simpson, fledging popstar. It is unfortunate, though. “With You” is worth a listen.

She’s giddy and relaxed singing about being with husband Nick Lachey. While her sexuality is hinted at (“With nothing but a t-shirt on/ I’ve never felt so beautiful/now that I’m with you”) it doesn’t dominate the song. Throughout, she talks about being finally being herself for the first time. Unlike the debacle “Sweetest Sin,” she’s believable here. Her vocal mannerisms, however, have not changed. She still has a tendency to sing way out of range and screech the high notes. This is most evident at the 2:19 mark.

The topic of Nick Lachey is a hot one on her album. She needs to find another subject to sing about rather than him all the time. She’s milked the relationship dry already through publicity and the show. Marketing-wise, though, she doesn’t have a choice. She needs to latch onto him like Jennifer Lopez to fake bake tanning, be the dumb blonde, and dedicate all her albums to marriage. Their careers are no longer separate and they are forced to depend on each other for even a smidgen of success.


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