Single Review: Justin Timberlake “Senorita”

Album: Justified
Year: 2003

On “Senorita,” Justin Timberlake’s fourth single from “Justified,” he tries to evoke the intimate, live qualities of 70s R&B.

However, he’s trying too hard to get away from Mickey Mouse Club image. A needless introduction by a backup singer opens the song, singing “he goes by the name of Justin/all the way/from Memphis, Tennessee…/he’s got a song to sing about this girl.” However, take away the trombones, Senorita would be “Girlfriend” from the N Sync album. It’s a song about a girl. Check. The girl’s guy doesn’t love her. Check. Justin can love her more. Check.

On his own, Justin sings his material with more feeling and passion. He’s into it now, whereas, on certain songs of N Sync’s ‘Celebrity’, he seemed to be phoning his performance in.

At the 3:36 mark, ‘Senorita’ takes a nosedive from derivative to outright horrible. He says “Listen, I want to try something right now. You see, they don’t this anymore. I’m going to sing somethin’. And I want the guys to sing with me.” Then the sing along begins and lasts for over a minute. It stops the song cold and kills the momentum it had. Also, to reinforce his new image that he likes lots and lots of sex with plenty of women, he says “And ladies, good morning.”

As of late, Timberlake has been dodging the question of working on a new N Sync album. However, he needs N Sync more than he thinks. Without N Sync, he wouldn’t have a built-in fanbase nor would have the success. If he’s not careful, he will be Sisqo’ed.


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