Single Review: Kelly Clarkson “Low”

Album: Thankful
Year: 2003

RCA continues Clarkson on the self-assured route. The uptempo Low is an angsty turn. Clarkson, apparently after having her heart broken, tells him that what he did was “low.”

Low is a chance for RCA to plug into the Matrix market without actually hiring the Matrix. It’s for Clarkson’s benefit, though. She is spared a monotonous rhythm and instead given a fairly consistent rock-pop song. Rock-pop actually suits Clarkson. She is at her most at ease.

The lyrics are conventional. There’s not much action going on. Clarkson asks the guy in the chorus “Have you ever been low/have you ever had a friend who let you down so/ and it’s then followed up with, “What you did was low.” Then later, in the last verse, after a decent lyric “And I go with a clear conscience/We both know you can’t say that.” Next, however, is the awkward lyric, ‘This to show for all the time I loved you so.” It doesn’t fit and hardly makes any sense. Bending grammar rules only works when the person is a poet, not a rank-and-file songwriter.


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