Single Review: Donna Lewis “I Love You Always Forever”

I Love You Always Forever
Album: Now In A Minute
Year: 1996

When music is inspired from novels, it shows that the songwriter has a brain. Donna Lewis, the soft voiced singer of the single I Love You Always Forever, uses phrases from H.E. Bates’ novel “Love For Lydia” in the chorus and the bridge. The result is a wonderful and articulate pop song.

In the single Donna Lewis describes a romantic relationship, which she is both proud of and awed by at the same time. Her child-like voice has a vulnerability, which adds to the innocent tone of the lyrics. With any other singer, the song would be cloying.

Lewis does have songwriting skill. She easily meshes her writing with Bates’. She appreciates the small moments and describes the ecstasy of falling in love. “Feels like I’m standing in a timeless dream/Of light mists of pale amber rose.” Donna Lewis has promise.


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