Single Review: Britney Spears “Toxic”

Album: In The Zone
Year: 2004

In yet another unimaginative video, Britney wears a nude-colored bodysuit covered with diamonds in strategic places. Ho hum. To top it off, it is hailed by her public relations that the set was closed. Then again, Britney’s pr also said the quickie wedding in Vegas was just a funny joke that “went too far.”

Written by Cathy Dennis, Toxic is Britney’s attempt to be dance-pop. It’s a style that fits her. With dance-pop, her transparent vocals do not matter. Here, she can get away with the overly processed, Pro-tooled voice and not have it be obvious. It blends with the rest of the song. Her handlers would be wise to stay this route.

She has spent the last two years trying to catch up with her peers. Now, she finally has her best single out and she’s irrelevant. However, it’s mainly due to overexposure and horrible marketing. Her handlers are intent are keeping the Lolita image, but she is past that now. Britney needs to grow up, get an education, and get into rehab.


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