Single Review: Eden’s Crush “Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)”

Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)
Album: Popstars
Year: 2001

Before American Idol, there was Popstars. Five young women were picked out from thousands of others. They called themselves Eden’s Crush and thought they were going to be famous. They weren’t.

The slangy titled Get Over Yourself is a fun find. It’s a kiss off to a controlling boyfriend. First, they have genuine talent and can interpret the lyrics correctly. Nicole begins with the first verse, irked because she “was like there like a little wife/I was everything that you need/always in line.” Ana Maria takes the second verse but her voice is unnecessary processed. And therein lies the problem with the single. Matt Gerard, the producer, is like a little kid with the vocal processor. It’s used to solve every vocal flaw. If Nicole riffs too much, use the processor and so on. It’s a new toy, but has no idea how to use it yet so he picks every button until it works.

The lyrics range from surprisingly good: “and every magazine said it was me was on the shelf/ put me down/now I found my self-esteem” to the bland: “sometimes I stay out all night/Now everything, everything is all right.”

With a lot more backing, Eden’s Crush could’ve been viable competition. However, with an image
of being a reality show group with Britney-ified attire, being taken seriously wasn’t going to happen.


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