Single Review: Ruben Studdard “Sorry 2004”

Sorry 2004
Album: Soulful
Year: 2004

Ruben Studdard has some apologizing to do. To his American Idol fans, to unsuspecting radio listeners, to Luthor Vandross for his imitation. “Sorry 2004” is yet another lame single from the people at 19 Entertainment.

The song starts off with Studdard listing analogies: “It’s like I missed the shot/it’s like I dropped the ball.” Then it moves on to self-aware “It’s like I’m on stage and I forgot the words.” After each of these analogies (at least 4), a male background singer sings “Damn, I’m sorry.” Then Studdard comes in with his apology before the apology. The first time through (with the verse and chorus), he comes off as sincere. He just messed up. After the third verse and bridge, in which he’s already apologized for staying out all night, forgetting Valentine’s Day, being in strip clubs, Ruben appears to be loser. If someone had to apologize so much that they are just saying it to cover all of 2004, it means let them go. At the end, it’s a badly written song, which goes overboard with the wrongdoing.

It’s a paint-by-the-numbers R&B song. The production is slick and cold. His singing is also on autopilot. There isn’t any passion behind it. It’s low notes first verse, wail in the bridge and adlib at the end. “Sorry 2004” is as soulful as a vampire.


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