Single Review: Sheryl Crow “Soak Up The Sun”

Soak Up The Sun
Album: C’Mon C’Mon
Year: 2002

Between albums, fem rock evolved into teenybopper pop. Britney Spears became the norm and Sheryl Crow was far from being a teenager. So what’s an established singer to do? Why, bow to the norm, of course! With a new, poppier sound on C’Mon C’Mon came a new, thinner nose and an airbrushed cover of skin magazine Stuff.

“Soak Up The Sun” is an ode to just kicking back and relaxing. The narrative writing of her previous singles (“Leaving Las Vegas,” “All I Wanna Do”) has been dumbed-down In place are condescending lyrics like “I’ve got a crummy job/It don’t me pay near enough” and the equally ridiculous “don’t have a master suite/But I’m still the king of me.” The only way to pull of lyric like that is irony. Irony, which, Crow is completely unaware of. The only surprise is she doesn’t say in the following lyric, “I’ve never been to me/But I know the sun is shining.”

Crow’s vocals also sound Pro-tooled, particularly during the chorus. This takes whatever character was in her voice and turns it into an ordinary, “perfect” voice. Sheryl Crow needs to rethink the image overhaul and go back to what worked.


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