Single Review: Jennifer Lopez “If You Had My Love”

If You Had My Love
Album: On The 6
Year: 1999

Jennifer Lopez, before she was everywhere, revealed to Movieline in February 1998 that she’s “the best,” dismisses Gwyneth Paltrow by saying she was only “hot by association.” She also adds “I heard more about her and Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work” and Madonna “spits on my craft.” She also badmouths Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz and claims her male co-stars all made passes at her.

She’s the best. Well, she’s only the best with Pro-tools, expensive producers, a publicist to alert the public of every move, and a man on her arm.

Rodney Jerkins is partly at the helm, producing and being one of the three writers. Strings dominate “If You Had My Love,” which mesh well with the guitar. They add to the sugary R&B beat throughout the single. Juan Vincente Zambrano arranges the vocals to have the background singers to do the bulk of the actual singing. Lopez’s main contribution is chirping the verses in her weak, nasal voice and only chiming in the chorus to do some “ahhs” and “babys.”

“If You Had My Love” is a solid, inoffensive pop song. It’s a little bit pop to appeal to the ‘tween crowd. It’s a little bit danceable, which will allow Lopez a chance to shake her famous booty and appeal to the male crowd. With ‘On the 6’, Lopez began being all things to all marketing segments or as they are normally called, people. Benny Medina handled her publicity well, by creating a humble and down-to-earth image. But isn’t enough to stop the Atlantic Ocean of saliva that she spews onto pop music.


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