Single Review: Mariah Carey “Through The Rain”

Through The Rain
Album: Charmbracelet
Year: 2002

On the new Mariah Carey album, “Charmbracelet,” only her face can be seen. Her long, blonde hair is covering her one eye and like majority of album covers, her expression is blank. It seems as though, Island Records marketing is trying to recreate the “Music Box” cover. Hoping that consumers will pass by it and think that Mariah has changed into a modest entertainer.

And that’s why the particular tactic is called bait-and-switch. Inside, there is a picture of Mariah, smiling happily into the camera with her new breasts on display. While Island Records management has been able to tone her down somewhat, the tacky fashion sense remains.

Island Records, in an effort to recoup their investment in Mariah, released a traditional album filled with more ballads than R&B songs. First single from the album is the inspirational ballad “Through The Rain.” However, her public troubles have eclipsed her ability to sell these type of ballads. Lyrics like “Don’t be afraid/There’s nothing you can’t face/And should they tell you/you’ll never pull through/Don’t hesitate/stand up and say/I can make it through the rain” read like a motivational speech she tells herself everyday. Unlike “Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme),” it’s not a three minute whine set to music.

The main flaw is her voice. It’s shot. Although at the 3:19 mark, the old Mariah is back. However it only lasts about 30 seconds. When she hits the high notes, subtle cracks in her voice can be heard. In this case, though, the whispering allows her to sound comforting and calm. It’s appropriate to the song.

If her voice wasn’t as damaged, “Through The Rain” could be even better. For now, it’s a start. She still has a long way to go before she fully recovers from the public relations disaster of “Glitter” and her emotional troubles.


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