Single Review: Talk Talk “It’s My Life”

It’s My Life
Album: It’s My Life
Year: 1984

“It’s My Life, considered Talk Talk’s breakout hit by the All Music Guide , is a classic 80s song forgotten by radio.

In 1984, Talk Talk brought producer Tim Friese-Green into the band and together they had artistic and international success. “It’s My Life” was a hit both in Europe and in America.

Written by Friese-Green and lead singer Mark Hollis, the single is a brooding love song. Hollis’ vocals are tender and soft during the verses. This is highlighted best in the first verse, “if I could buy my reasoning/I’d pay to lose/one half won’t do.” However, in the chorus, he has his guard up and is not quite ready to admit his emotions to her. Hollis is heartbreaking to listen to, especially during the chorus. At the end, he is too self-conscious to see what’s in front of him. But that’s just the explanation here.

The single takes several listens to capture the different thoughts being expressed. There’s more going on than boy in love with girl. It deserves to be heard more often and hopefully the popularity of the No Doubt cover will revive it again.


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