Single Review: Janet Jackson “Just A Little While”

Just A Little While
Album: Damita Jo
Year: 2004

February 2, the day after Super Bowl, Janet Jackson found herself facing major criticism. The uproar caused numerous phone calls to the FCC, a lost movie job in the Lena Horne movie, and most importantly, her integrity.

“Just A Little While” was released the same day. But like her performance at the Super Bowl, it’s ho-hum.

The 80s inspired song, about how much she enjoys sex with her boyfriend and herself, is shoddy. It begins, post-coital, and then goes to Janet’s point of view once he has gone: “So maybe I’ll just lay around/play by myself/touching my favorite fruit.” However, she gets explicit in the second verse: “Baby, I know we did it all night long/And I didn’t want to burn you out/’cause how much I like to do it/in the morning it’s another round.” Later she sings the tasteless, tawdry lyrics; “do you wanna play with my strawberries?”

Janet, for the past two albums, has been exploring her sexuality. But there are limits. Here, it feels like she’s trying to shock people again by showing how sexual she really is. Repetitive and mechanical, there isn’t any enjoyment behind the lyrics. It’s just sex and only sex. Releasing this song, especially after criticism after the Super Bowl, is a mistake. Her PR needs to be toning down her image, not upping the ante. After alienating an audience of millions with her publicity stunt, bombarding the public again with a sexually explicit song will only hurt her image more.

The Super Bowl proved how far she has fallen. If she had any celebrity value left, she wouldn’t be dealing with the amount of backlash. Janet Jackson is officially a joke.


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