Single Review: Kid Rock “Cold And Empty”

Cold And Empty
Album: Kid Rock
Year: 2004

Kid Rock also had to deal with some controversy after the Super Bowl. His outfit, which consisted of the American flag, was worn as a poncho. According to Yahoo News, the Veterans of Foreign Wars weren’t pleased. Edward Banas, Sr., the commander-in-chief of VFW, said his outfit was in “poor taste and extremely disrespectful.”

Like Nelly and Janet Jackson, his expiration date is getting near. Instead of performing his new single “Cold and Empty,” he chose his first hit song, “Badwitaba.” He drew attention away from his failed Bad Company cover “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and the failure of his album.

As before, he releases a heartfelt, sensitive ballad about being on the road to save his album. However, “Cold and Empty” is just that, cold and empty. Written obviously about the Pamela Anderson breakup, Kid Rock doesn’t really allow himself to be vulnerable. After the first, open verse, “You know my ins and my outs/my fears and doubts/it’s the life I love/but it’s you I can’t live without,” he resorts to cliché’s. He avoids any emotion whatsoever and instead goes for the schlock. He asks “Lord, if there’s an angel you could send me/I could use one here tonight.”

“Cold and Empty” begins simply, with Kid Rock singing with a piano accompaniment. The depressing, heartbreaking tone that the piano provides is gone by the third verse. Unintentionally hilarious and schmaltzy, Kid Rock, who’s trying to sound introspective during the bridge, seems like he is preaching a sermon. The choir, in the background, punctuates every last couple words he sings. Yes, Kid Rock, is reaching the Lord! And the Lord up in heaven will send him an angel! Kid Rock, he wants to see the light! Instead of ending simply, he includes the drums, guitars, and choir in the closing verse.

Kid Rock doesn’t have to write melodramatic songs to heal his heartbreak. He only needs to look inside himself and just like his oldest friend, just trust the voice within.


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