Single Review: Liz Phair “Extraordinary”

Album: Liz Phair
Year: 2004

Liz Phair hasn’t decided if she wants to be “rebellious” or “sweet and everyday.”
In a July 2003 interview from Interview she says, “You know what really bugs me about my videos? When they can’t figure out what to do, they just have me change clothes five times. It’s always like, “Here’s the plan: Let’s make Liz look cute, and then she’s gonna look cuter.”

For , she’s more than happy to be cute as a button. She is quoted as saying,
“But I’m looking for recognition for being able to be pleasant, nice, cute, and yet still deep, intelligent, whatever.” Liz Phair is officially a mouthpiece, dictating words her publicist told her say.

‘Extraordinary’ is redundant and syrupy. In it, Liz Phair is a free spirit who is in love with a guy. She declares proudly that “I drive naked through the park/and run the stop sign in the dark/stand in the street, yell out my heart/to make, to make you love me” She also sings in the chorus of being an “ordinary, average, everyday sane psycho supergoddess.” Apparently, she is also known as a bitch, a tease, and a goddess on her knees. And when that guy hurts, she’s an angel undercover.

Liz Phair saying publicly she wants to be popular and famous is great. It’s also unfortunate that she’s trying so hard to be those things. By now, the Matrix sound is no longer trendy and she’s left with outdated music. Her letter to the New York Times, which she wrote in response to a bad review, was an insecure move. She doesn’t seem to get that backlash is part of a pop music career. Without realizing that, she is going to fall fast.


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