Single Review: Seal “Get It Together”

Get It Together
Album: Seal IV
Year: 2003

Songs asking people where the love is and to take a stand were constantly heard on the radio in 2003. However, neither rang true. Seal is taking a different route, though. He is asking to people to “get it together” but gently and less forceful.

Like the previous save-our-precious-earth-or-perish songs, Seal is trying to reach out to people. However, he is reasonable, not preachy. “Get up on your feet and give an account of your faith/pray to God or something or whatever you do.” He is also the eternal optimist, seeing the positive in even the most negative of situations, “Is it easier to put that gun away or is it difficult to stop the world and show you care/everything, everyone we love is beautiful.”

The song begins live, as though it is in a lounge. People can be heard talking in the background. Then it becomes a studio arrangement with horns, strings, keyboards, drums, and various other instruments. At the end, it fades gradually to the chattering crowd. Live music has become a cliché and Seal does a great job of using it sparingly. In the beginning and the end, he seems to be making a subtle point. People are talking, glasses are clinking, but no one is really paying attention.

In a way, he is right. The United States is indifferent. A majority of people are registered to vote, but don’t bother to go to the polls on Election Day. George W. Bush is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would discriminate against gay people. Some days, it’s hard to believe the world will get better and having songs on the radio like “Where Is The Love?” worsen the situation. It’s great to finally hear a song that is optimistic and hopeful about our world for once.


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