Single Review: Britney Spears “Everytime”

Album: In The Zone
Year: 2004

According to , the official website, the suicide in the “Everytime” video has been cut. The reason: “she does not endorse this as a solution to any individual and fully recongnizes that people who go to this length need assistance and advice and should contact their local suicide prevention organization.” The message was posted March 12.

But only 4 days ago, on March 9, the news “leaked” to MTV. In it, the video was described in specific detail. First, in the news buisness nothing ever really “leaks”. It’s intentionally given to someone so it will be reported. However, based on the negative reaction, the idea was dumped. Well, there goes anything interesting that could’ve happened.

“Everytime” written by Britney Spears but really by some other person with the last name Stamalatetos, is yet another ‘serious’ ballad. It’s supposed to be her chance to connect with young and old alike. A reason to see that she is in not in fact a living Barbie doll, but a real person with real feelings. In doing promotion, she has said she is in therapy and into Kabbalah. But like the rest of the publicity, she has contradicted herself too much or backed away from statements too often to be believed. As of now, her public relations team is probably devising another marketing image since “Dark Britney” is not really taking hold.

In the single, she is singing about a breakup. It’s a submissive pop song in which she wants her ex-boyfriend back. She asks her boyfriend in the first verse, “So why are strangers/when our love is strong/why carry on without me?” Then in the chorus she sings, “And I everytime I see in my dreams/your face, its haunting me/I guess I need you baby.” She is unable to move on, however, and pretends she’s still with him. But the most wretched lyrics are sung in the third verse: “My weakness caused you pain/and this song is my sorry.” Every breath you take, Justin and every move you make, Britney will be watching you.

The piano is the focal point until the bridge. Then drums and strings are added to make the song even more maudlin. “Everytime” only makes Britney Spears appear emotionally unstable and co-dependent. Her handlers need to remember why “Toxic” worked: it’s fluffy, dance-pop which doesn’t try to be thoughtful. It just is what it is.


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