Single Review: Willa Ford & Lady May “A Toast To The Men (Fuck The Men)”

A Toast To the Men (F&*! The Men)
Album: Sexysexobsessive (unreleased)
Year: 2003

Willa Ford has never been shy about her sexuality. In interviews, she said she wasn’t a virgin. She swore. She dressed provocatively in FHM and Stuff. She proudly marketed herself as the bad girl of pop. But now there’s a problem. Everyone is now marketed themselves as the bad girls of pop. Christina went “dirrty” and featured Furries in her video. Britney did the kiss with Madonna. Jessica Simpson even tried the sexy image for a few minutes.

Now, she has to up the ante. In the video for “A Toast to the Men,” breasts are bared, T &A is abound, and swear words are bleeped out. She’s going to have to do a lot more if she wants to shock people.

Basing her new single on a sorority girl chant, “A Toast To the Men” is empty sexuality disguised as female empowerment. It’s begins with Willa Ford saying the toast, “here’s to the men who love us/here’s to the men who don’t love us/here’s to the men we love who don’t love us/f*** the men lets drink to us!” With Willa Ford being all about how much she enjoys sex, it would be fitting if she sang some graphic lyrics about sexual encounters. Instead, it’s rapper Lady May who describes the various sexual encounters.

It’s really Lady May’s song, not Willa’s. Lady May does the bulk of the work, with only Willa Ford chiming in on the chorus to sing the chant. She doesn’t really do anything until 1:58 into the song, when it’s nearly through. On the bridge she finally gets her claws in and proclaims “F*** ‘em all cuz men have nothing but d**** on us/f*** ‘em all cuz they soften they beg us to strap on us.” She sings it like she means it, which give the lyrics their power. Finally, the song picks up. But then she plays coy and says; “did I say just that?” It completely destroys the point of the song: being unashamed about sex.

Willa Ford should’ve dropped the rap and instead sung two verses. By not singing about these sexual encounters, she appears to be hiding from her sexuality. She needs to put her money where her breasts are.

However, the music itself is great. It’s aggressive, rough, and fast-paced. It’s not pop nor rock. It’s a combination of techno and rock. Mainly driven by the pounding cymbals, a wailing guitar, keyboards, and drums, its instrumental would neatly fit into the DJ’s rotation of club songs.


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