Single Review: All Saints “Never Ever”

Never Ever
Year: 1997
Album: All Saints

Imitations usually are wrong in some way. The design may be off or it could be a shade darker than the original. In the All Saints’ case, their imitation of the Spice Girls is without the campy enjoyment.

Their first single, “Never Ever” is a flaky, monotone song about heartbreak. Opening with a half-sung, half-talking solo, in which the girl wants some answers and then blames herself for the entire breakup. The pseudo monologue, which should’ve stopped there, continues for 43 long seconds.

Contradictory lyrics are in certain verses. In the first verse, she knows she did something wrong. In the chorus, it’s “I’m sure I ain’t done nothing wrong.” In other verses, the lyrics don’t make any sense (“sometimes vocabulary runs through my head/the alphabet runs straight from a to zed.”) The rest are unimaginative (“I’ll keep searching/deep within my soul.”)

Feeble vocals are another weakness. The only singer with promise in the group is Shaznay Price. With more vocal lessons, Price could become a decent singer. Natalie Appleton, Nicole Appleton, and Melanie Blatt are all flat and nasal.


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