Single Review: Mariah Carey “Loverboy”

Album: Glitter
Year: 2001

Mariah Carey, as Billie, is filming a music video for her first single, “Loverboy” in the movie, Glitter. She is wearing a cotton candy colored lingerie top and holding a cover-up. During the shoot, she covers herself up with it one too many times and the director gets angry. Mark, Mariah Carey is then embarrassed and humiliated that she has to be almost naked in the music video.

It’s an ironic and hilarious moment in the movie, considering Mariah Carey struts around half-naked anyway. Glitter, however, proved to be the lowest point of her career. It bombed at the box office, Virgin Records bought out her contract, and she suffered from “exhaustion.” In 2001, she proved fame is definitely not all that glitters.

The first single from Glitter was “Loverboy” and there is nothing to love about it. Juvenile and lifeless, it’s an absolute failure. Opening with a squeal from Mariah and a childish rhyme (“K-I-S-S-I-N-G”), it then breaks into the Cameo sampled “Candy.” It goes further downhill from there.

In the double entendre filled song, she sings in an unremarkable stuffy voice that “his candy’s just so sweet,” “when he invites me over/I come every time” and “it’s a bit of heaven/when he’s inside.” Carey seems to be going for a girlish, slumber party atmosphere. However, it ends up making her look silly and out of touch. A Cameo appearance towards the end cannot save the song. As they sing their part, it’s reminder that the original is perhaps worth checking out than this sampled mess.

Mariah Carey wants to be cool again and fit in with the popular pop stars sitting at the main table. However, she’s only a wannabe now.


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