Single Review: Sarah Connor “Bounce”

Album: Sarah Connor
Year: 2004

Sarah Connor has been around for awhile, but in Europe. She has been releasing records there since 2001. Her new U.S. CD blends three European albums together: Green-Eyed Soul, Unbelievable, and Music Is The Key. From those three albums, the record executives chose “Bounce” as the lead single, which was originally recorded in 2002.

“Bounce” falls flat, however.

It begins with a lame intro. Two guys are talking. She saw him with another woman. He’s explaining it away with “we was just talking about the studio.” Then he says to his friend, “I guess I’m staying wit you, dog.” Then, a pounding dance beat as Connor adlibs over the music. Apparently, she wants to get crunk in the dancearie.

The single coasts on the heavily sampled “Family Affair,” by Mary J. Blige. There is no expansion made to the sample. It’s a blatant cheat. “Bounce” is also littered with cliché’. She is telling her man to leave and has tired of his cheating. She warns him that he’ll “never find no stuff as good as mine/she can’t work you like I did.” After the second verse, there’s a rap from his point of view. He is crawling back and raps some dull analogies: “no need to find a nickel got a dime at home/plus I love every night the freaky way we bone.”

“Bounce” relies on slangy lyrics to sound modern. In the U.S., the game isn’t run anymore and we haven’t acted a fool since Ludacris was in 2 Fast 2 Furious last summer. It’s a silly single, devoid of any originality.


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