Single Review: Jessica Simpson “I Wanna Love You Forever”

I Wanna Love You Forever
Year: 1999
Album: Sweet Kisses

Nick Lachey this, Nick Lachey that. She and Nick met on the 98 Degrees tour, she vows to remain a virgin until marriage. Even before her first album was released, Jessica Simpson was aglow with her new boyfriend. Already putting him in her marketing strategy, she gushed about him in the press while maintaining a cleaner image (trendy, non-skimpy clothes, virginity.)

Everything in “I Wanna Love You Forever” is big. From the Between You and Me card-esque lyrics to the booming piano to Simpsons’ exaggerated vocals. Written by career balladeers Sam Watters and Louis Biancianello (Anastacia), it’s a gooey, sickening ballad. In order for love to be true in the songwriters’ world, it must be obsessive. In the first verse, she is pressuring the guy to respond to her strong feelings “Say you feel it to/I know you do.” Later in the chorus, she asks for “10,000 lifetimes together” and demands “is that so much for you to do?” The rest of the time, she is willing to give up her identity and wait for the next time he speaks to her.

Simpson’s voice resembles early Mariah Carey in the first verse. For instance, she pauses between words and inserts a melisma at the end of the lyric’s sentence. But by the chorus and bridge, she is shouting and pushing every note out. It seems as though she is out of breath midway through these sections. In order to make up her vocal shortcomings, she then yells the notes.


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