Single Review: Kelis “Milkshake”

Year: 2003
Album: Tasty

From Kelis’ website, her name is in a pink 70s style, funk graphic with a hot pink butterfly fluttering around. Built around the diner theme featured in the “Milkshake” video, readers are literally given a menu to choose which section they would like go to. Visit appetisers and viewers can read Kelis’ biography. It’s impressive and creative marketing at work.

Blending together R&B and techno, the Neptunes produced “Milkshake” is a delicious treat. Its only major flaw, however, is may be known as the “jiggling boobies” song. The single, however, is one of the few songs that is accepting of a women’s sexuality and does not marginalize it. Kelis revels in it in a healthy and self-assured way.

Kelis proudly proclaims in the chorus (and the beginning) “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard/and their like ‘it’s better than yours’/damn right, it’s better than yours.” In the first verse she sings, “I know you want it/the thing that makes me” suggests she is aware of her sexuality and knows the attention it brings. The second verse is aimed at the women. Other women are clamoring her to show them how she does it, but she tells them “it can’t be bought.” These other women are uneasy about their sexuality and need to know how to handle it. She also warns “just know, thieves get caught.” In other words, if the other women are faking that they have this confidence, she will know. The third verse is summing up what constitutes a women in control of her sexuality and has good self-esteem: “you must maintain your charm/same time maintain your halo/just get the perfect blend,/plus what you have within.” The overall message of the song is to be yourself and the rest the will follow. Unfortunately, for most people, this got lost amid the now well-known chorus.

The throbbing, pulsating beats the match Kelis’ hyper delivery. Like the lyrics, the music is aggressive and candid. Kelis’ expressive voice, although hoarse, is the best during the verses. She may not have much of a singing voice, but she knows how to use the strengths she does have.

Kelis has finally found a niche in R&B. Hopefully, she’ll be able to build a fanbase in the United States and maintain her popularity.


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