Single Review: Black Eyed Peas “Hey Mama”

Hey Mama
Year: 2004
Album: Elephunk

With one hit single, “Where Is The Love,” The Black Eyed Peas think they are invincible. As reported by, Taboo said to them “I don’t think it’ll ever be over, because the Black Eyed Peas will become a corporation to release other projects.” However, this will only work if they continue to have singles as huge as “Where Is The Love.” Frankly, the Black Eyed Peas simply do not have the longevity to gain the clout to produce music videos and other singles.

Like most groups, they follow the trends and don’t create them. “Hey Mama” uses last year’s bhangra beats to open the song. Next, dancehall (2002’s fad), makes an appearance. Both are heard within 45 seconds. The reggae style, however, doesn’t work. The only purpose it serves is to sound popular. Instead, it makes it seem like an updated version of Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes the Hotstepper.”

Apparently, they also don’t have a theasurus anywhere in the studio. The lyrics are redundant (“we never die/we never decease”) and used repeatedly (“the base moves drama” & “dance to the drama.”) Also, juenvile rhymes like “cutie, cutie move your booty” make Will Smith’s efforts at rap worthy of being heard at a poetry slam.

Stacy Ferguson’s hooked on phonics Jamaican accent is possibly one of the worst aspects of the single. It’s fake, practiced, and stereotypical.

The Black Eyed Peas want to become mainstream so badly that will release any sort of crap. As long at it sells, they will gets of cash for a short while. But eventually, they will battling obscurity again.


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