Single Review: Christina Milian & Fabolous “Dip It Low”

Dip It Low
Album: It’s About Time
Year: 2004

Christina Milian, like Christina Aguilera before her, started as a sweet, innocent teen girl singing about dancing and crushes. However, on her second album, Milian has gone “dirrty.” And like Aguilera, the dramatic transition works — to a point.

The carnal “Dip It Low” finds Milian as the voice of sexual experience. If she had been known in the U.S., this would’ve been a risky career move. But with the majority of the U.S. being unfamiliar with her, it’s a fresh start. The Asian beat opening, which is set against the bass and handclaps, gives the song an exotic atmosphere. Milain, however, sounds like she’s singing the pages of a Cosmo article titled “The Ways to Please Your Man (And You’ll Surprised By All the New Tricks!”) But like Cosmo, the lyrics by Poli Paul and T. Moses are empty of any real content. It’s like those same article that are written every month, only with the title changed.

She sings in the chorus (which is alluding to oral sex) that women should “dip it low/pick it up slow/roll it all around/poke it out/let your back roll.” Other sexual allusions include to an erection that doesn’t last (“you’re gettin’ bold/he’s gettin’ cold/it’s just a sympton of young love”). It also seems like the song was written after viewing many Lover’s Lane commercials (“greet him at the door with nothin’ on”)

Fabolous’ rap consist of him of rhyming words with “pop.” After he uses cop, stop, drop, top, hop, and bop and any other word he can think of, he uses the word catch up (“Like most men I love to catch up with a model/But I ain’t used to movin’ slow like ketchup in a bottle.”) It’s called sense, Fabolous, try making it sometime.

Milian’s voice is stronger than Mya and Ashanti’s. While the comparisons to Beyonce seem be because of the bad blond dye job, she is a welcome alternative. Beyonce, by now, is overhyped. Mya and Ashanti are both over. If anything, she is filling in the void left by Aaliyah. She seems to have the same range as Aaliyah, however, she needs to remember that sensuality is best suggested.


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