Single Review: JC Chasez “Some Girls (Dance With Women)”

Some Girls (Dance With Women)
Year: 2003
Album: Schizophrenic

Really, all JC Chasez needs is some promotion and exposure. Even if it’s a tiny, 30 second spot during the boccee ball semi-finals. At least it’s something. First, his album gets delayed multiple times. Next, reports the NFL calls “Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)” risque and cancels his apperance. Then, a month later wrote that Bill McPhee, the publisher of Schizophrenic Digest said Chasez was misinforming the public about the disease. Finally, Jive Records execs, not knowing how to market him as a dance singer, chose the worst single to lead the album.

“Some Girls (Dance With Women),” written by Chasez, Bradley Daymond (Brandy) and Alexander Greggs (Popstars 2), is a dull trip to the club. Like the guy who won’t stop hitting on a woman long after she’s blown him off, Chasez is relentless in his efforts. His aim is to provoke and shock his audience with the idea that women dance with other women to tease men. However, in this Britney-Madonna-Christina threeway kiss kind of world, it lacks creativity and reeks of a need to undeniably be talked about.

The single begins with JC walking into the club.The lyrics focus on the mundane details (“We grab a table spot to chill in/hunt down a waitress/make an order.”) There are some good one-liners and articulate observations (“the game is lethal/but you don’t have to kill them, though” and “I find the playfulness appealing/that cat and mouse chase/on your mark, get ready, go.”) Most of the time, he does not get past the horndog stereotype that he wants to watch the women dance together to get turned on. He is like Stifler, but without the annoying laugh and constant use of “fuck.”

The music is awkward and unfocused. It starts with JC mumbling a rap, something which he is not suited for. Then before the bridge begins, the music dawdles as he attempts to sing sexily. However, he ends up sounding like a pervert. Finally, during the chorus, it picks up to a quick pace. For a couple minutes, it’s enjoyable and almost a new song. Then it reverts back to the rap-like verses and it’s back to square one.

JC, however, should be credited with taking a different route to the Top 40. He delved into the dance genre, which is barely heard on the radio. But he needs more experience to become a great dance singer, which is possible.


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