Single Review: Ashlee Simpson “Pieces of Me”

Pieces of Me
Album: Autobiography
Year: 2004

With “Pieces of Me,” Ashlee Simpson goes from her safe, good girl image which she did on “7th Heaven” to a safe, faux punk girl on her own MTV show, “The Ashlee Simpson Show.” Only in pop music could personality changes be as quick as they were on Afterschool Specials.

“Pieces of Me” is a somewhat 80s influenced woman rock tune (Edie Brickell, Pat Benatar) with a frilly, pink bow attached to it. Like all punk rock girls, she just wants to be loved for the sweet, sensitive girl she is inside. Opening with just her guitar, she sings “on a Monday, I am waiting Tuesday/ I am fading/And by Wednesday, I can’t sleep/” And it’s Friday, she’s in love. Actually, she adds “Then the phone rings/ I hear you/And the darkness is a clear view/Cuz you’ve come to rescue me.” The drums kick in and she starts to sing that she “falls so fast.” In the chorus, she talks about finding something real and that the guy knows her better than she knows herself. He knows all the pieces of her. Awww….love just is.

In the second verse, she’s always smiling when it’s not to cool to laugh. Oops, that was a similar Hilary Duff song. But with a perky, pop sound. Simpson’s not pop whatsoever. Except that she is. She does self-examine herself, though, pointing out her flaws (“I am moody, messy/ I get restless, and it’s senseless”) However, in the bridge, the lyrics contradict the original idea in the chorus (“how do you know everything I’m about to say?Am I that obvious?/And if it’s written on my face… I hope it never goes away”) Ok, with that logic, she knows that it’s obvious he knows what’s she’s thinking (as said in the chorus), but yet she doesn’t know if he can tell by her expressions by now? Ashlee, seriously, how else would he know unless if he’s reading your diary. Think, please.

While Ashlee was not spared from the bad songwriting which plagues her older sister Jessica’s music, she did get the better voice. Coarse and husky, her voice has character to it. She would be able to cover an 80s song quite easily without it being out of her range.


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