Single Review: Avril Lavigne “I’m With You”

I’m With You
Year: 2002
Album: Let Go

” (I’m With You) It’s a song I wrote at the piano when I was kind of having a depressing day. Kind of like, where’s my guy? One of those days.” Lavigne told Once I figured out the fragments, took out the unnecessary “likes,” she’s talking about not having someone and being unhappy about it. Umm..Avril, in the States, we do not speak Mangled English. The media coach is there for a reason. Your sentences shouldn’t need their own translations into well, English.

Written by the Matrix and “Lavigne”, “I’m With You” is a pleasant, introspective ballad which finds Lavigne wondering if she’ll ever meet someone that understands her. The song is actually filled with implied feelings of alienation more so than romantic ideas, as Lavigne mentioned. Opening with strings and a guitar, she sings in the first verse that “I’m standing on a bridge/I’m waitin’ in the dark/I thought you’d be here by now.” Lavigne obviously ventured out by herself, however, she’s wondering if she really matters. She asks in the bridge “Isn’t anyone tryin to find me?/Won’t somebody come take me home.” It’s good songwriting in this section, mainly because the statements suggest that she wants to need someone. She wants start anew, but in order to do so, she needs support, which she sings later on in this section (“Take me somewhere new/I don’t know who you are/but I’m with you”)

Teenage angst sets in the second verse when she reveals that she “is looking for a place/searching for a face.” For all the good songwriting that occurred in the first verse, the second verse is wretched. It reverts to telling, rather than showing (“goes nothing is going right and everything’s a mess/and no one likes to be alone”) The third verse, however, is realistic and truthful. She sings “why is everything so confusing/maybe I’m just out of my mind.” It’s a heigtened, high-pitch moment, which seems as though as it’s a sung scream. But it’s a scream of release from the pressure and loneliness she feels. It’s a well-planned and thought-out moment. Then it returns to it’s quiet, thoughtful tone.

The Matrix bring out the best in themselves and in Lavigne. With Lavigne, they show off her voice. By doing so, they get her to stop singing in her usual bored manner and be expressive.


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