Single Review: Beyonce “Naughty Girl”

Naughty Girl
Album: Dangerously In Love
Year: 2004

With “Naughty Girl,” Beyonce tries to put some sex in her image without being risky about it.

“Naughty Girl,” despite the title, is PG-13 meaning Beyonce flaunts her cleavage and teases her crush but doesn’t do anything beyond that. As Beyonce told, she and Usher “use their graceful moves to flirt with each other” in the video. In non-publicity speak, that’s called bump n’ grinding with some fancy choreagraphy thrown in.

In the first verse, Beyonce samples a bit from Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You, Baby.” Apparently someone told Beyonce that to be sexy, she has to sing in a high-pitched, contrived whisper. She tells her crush that she wants him “to say her name” and if he gets it right, he’ll be able to “feel my burning flame.” And next, Beyonce’s bosoms swelled with desire as she pulled her lover close to him and felt his warmth on her leg. They embraced with a passion that both knew they never had felt before. Beyonce then declares that she’s “feelin kind of n-a-s-t-y” (Um, I’m being serious again. Although it’s really hard to tell, though.) and that she might, just “might take you home with home with me.” However, it’s sung so fast that her come-on doesn’t even register.

In the chorus, she then sings against a Mid-Eastern beat that she’ll be “his naughty girl” A background singer then lets out an orgasm. Then she says, “I know you want my body/I see you look me up and down/I came to party.” Beyonce is confident, but reserved at the same time. The orgasm is too much. If she were “dipping it low” or bringing her “milkshake to the yard” it would work. However, she’s not going all the way sexually here and in turn, it’s a unintentional comic moment. Then, the song repeats itself, starting from “I’m feelin’ n-a-s-t-y” on.

To wait for the last single to launch a new, sexier image might sound like a decent marketing idea. It’ll prepare her fans for the dirrty makeover, which is probably coming. However, after selling herself as somewhat wholesome, it’s likely to backfire.


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