Single Review: Brandy & Kanye West “Talk About Our Love”

Talk About Our Love
Album: Afrodisiac
Year: 2004

While promoting her first single, Brandy’s divorce came up in an interview with There, she said that she kept her marraige a secret “to protect Robert (Smith).” and she hadn’t been in love and wasn’t heartbroken when they split. Her ex, Smith, later told the press that the marriage was fake. Brandy went for the jugular and accused Smith of not thinking of her or their daughter. She also said she was deeply hurt and shocked. She called it a “spiritual union.”

Brandy, think before you speak. Here’s what you did wrong. First, you said what you should keep to your close friends and family. To say you weren’t heartbroken about breaking up with the father of child to the public, despite the circumstances, is disrespectful to him. Secondly, playing off the innocent act still after being called on an action is dumb. Admit to it. It happened. The press will forget. Besides, Britney will think of a reason of the press to pay attention to her again. And finally, don’t start to suddenly care about your ex when it’s convenient. People do read, too.

Brandy’s first single, “Talk About Our Love” is produced and written by the hot-right-now rapper Kanye West. In the single, other people are just jealous of Brandy’s relationship and they all want what she has. In the first verse she sings that her boyfriend has heard some rumors from his aunt and friends. She tries to defuse a possible argument by singing “Baby don’t say/something that you will regret/I’m on your team/it’s us against them, you’ll see…they just want what we got.” Granted, the whole “not listening to rumors” idea is all right. But “us against them”? With that snotty, stuck-up attitude, people will hate Brandy and her boyfriend even more. In the chorus, Brandy’s sense of entitlement shows as she sings “the more they talk about our love/the more they make it obvious/the more they seem so envious.”

In the second verse, Brandy sings about how she is above gossiping about people (“I can’t be concerned with all that talk/I won’t be involved.”) Kanye West’s sub-par rap is next. He uses “man” three times to explain that a fake man is one who listens to gossip. He actually describes the relationship in a bit more detail, saying she was a virgin and that the relationship was better last summer. Then he says that she deserves “two thumbs up” for sticking by him. The hype surrounding West as the rapper is overblown. Lame references and repetition are in his raps. He used “Juwanna Man” as a pop culture reference. Irony is the only decent excuse for a reference like that. However, he meant it in seriousness.

Brandy’s new sound is a step up. She improves little by little with each album. However, it’s usually one or two songs that are worth listening to and then she coasts the entire way through. It’s not enough. She doesn’t have the fame nor the inclination to do a true rehaul of her image.


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