Single Review: Def Leppard “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”

Bringin’ On the Heartbreak
Album: High ‘N Dry
Year: 1981

In 1981, Def Leppard became one of the many bands to benefit from music videos and use them to their advantage. MTV played the video “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak” constantly and through the station, it became a hit single.

The heavy metal-lite love song “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak,” finds Joe Elliott and company whimpering over a woman they can’t have. Opening with a mellow guitar riff, Elliott is fascinated by a woman, whom he calls “gypsy,” and is in love with her. He calls her “a broken rose with laughin’ eyes.” It’s a mixed metaphor, but it aptly describes Gypsy. In that sentence, the listener learns that she is perhaps emotionally troubled.

In the chorus, he tells her that she is “bringin’ on the heartache” and “taking the best of [him.]” And that she is also breaking his heart. However, by now, he’s become frustrated with the fact that she is that way. By the second verse, he is upset, not only at himself but at her. He sings that she’s “like a candle/burnin’ out and burnin’ me.” The main flaw of the song is it seems like Rick Allen only knows to sing with one note. By the second verse, he is stuck on the same note for the entire verse. In turn, that part of the single is monotonous. However, it picks up again once the guitar kicks up a dozen notches as he screams, “You’re bringin’ on the heartbreak, yeah.”

Unbelievably cheesy but it has heart. It also has a hook that can be sung at karoake night that is bound to start the whole room singing along, too. Even though they may really not want to.


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