Single Review: Faith Hill “There’ll You Be”

There You’ll Be
Album: Pearl Harbor Soundtrack
Year: 2001

With the surprising success of “Titanic,” Jerry Bruckheimer decided to find a moment in history that America still talks about every once in a while and film it. Hopefully, leading to a hit which would make a gazillion dollars like “Titanic”. “Pearl Harbor” was his choice and he followed James Cameron’s guidelines to a tee. It included a forbidden love story, lots of explosions an almost 3 hour length and a theme about love which will love last forever sung from a big-voiced singer.

But it flopped. The jingoistic movie was filled with horrible dialogue, blind patriotism, and love triangle so twisted it stopped making sense after the first hour and a half. Faith Hill’s theme “There You’ll Be” playing at the end of the credits was the only redeeming quality of the film. And redeeming is being kind.

Written by Diane Warren, “There You’ll Be,” is about a love lost due to tragic circumstances, but still remembered as the only love that the woman (in this case, Faith Hill) will ever have. However, like most hit songwriters who are past their prime, they just start plagarizing themselves.

Let’s play the plagarism game and see exactly how Warren copied from her own songbook, specifically “Because You Loved Me.” With the Pearl Harbor theme, Hill sings that “And the dreams/we left behind/I’ll be glad ’cause I was blessed to get/to have you in my life.” Warren, so far, has taken a different angle. Instead of focusing on loyalty, Hill is thinking of the memories.

In the chorus, however, Warren writes “in my heart/there always be a place/for you for all my life/I’ll keep a part/Of you with me/And everywhere I am/There you’ll be.” Ok, so here’s the score: Plagarism, 2. Creative Thought, 0. Plagarism takes a staggering lead in the second verse. Both times, sky is mentioned (“You touched my hand I could touch the sky…/Well you showed me How it feels/To feel the sky/Within my reach”).

Strength is also repeated, as well as being there several times. (” You were my strength when I was weak…Will remember all/ The strength you/ Gave to me. You were always there for me… Oh, I owe so much to you/You were right there for me.”) Plagirism, lost track. Creative Thought, 0. It’s one thing to plagarize someone else. At least there is some effort and energy involved. But when it’s plagarizing a song she already has written, it suggests she is bored and really only in it for the money now. It’s pathetic, really. What type of job fulfillment is that? “There You’ll Be” is like a chore that has to be done.

Lifeless and forgettable, Hill has nowhere to go with the material. Although to her credit, she does not resort to screaming the notes. Instead she is cautious and deliberate while singing.
Faith Hill, while selling out herself to adult contemporary, went straight for the most overrated songwriter in the genre and was probably guaranteed a hit by her agent and Warren herself. Perhaps in this Hill learned a lesson, like not to go for the easy way to a hit single.


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