Single Review: Hilary Duff “Why Not”

Why Not
Album: The Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack
Year: 2003

Oh, Hollywood High is just filled with rumors, especially around cool girls Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. Didn’t ya hear? Like, Hilary was totally dating Aaron Carter (who she thought had broken up with Aaron) when Lindsay was, too! And then, ohmigod! Lindsay found out about it. And now, they hate each other. Hilary had her mom just throw her out of her bigtime “Lizzie McGuire” movie premiere. But Lindsay, was like, so invited!

But Hilary, though, just told off that annoying Avril girl that think’s she is so cool because she hangs around the skater boys all fucking day. Hilary told Avril she needs to appreciate her fans and stop being so mean to them, you know? Hilary’s may have her flaws, but at least she’s not all “I’m sooo bad, look at me!” or “I’m just a teen queen squandering on all my potential by appearing in US Weekly trashed well, every week.”

Seriously, Hilary Duff, has a knack for putting out pop music which is like the last slice of pizza in the fridge. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’ll do until the something better comes along. “Why Not,” written Matthew Gerard (Kelly Clarkson’s recent single, “Breakaway”) and Charlie Midnight, is an adequate but fantastic pop song. In it, Duff encourages people to take risks and enjoy life.

It opens strangely, with an ambulance siren going off. Somehow, taking risks that involves ambulances usually means that it was a stupid thing to do. Then, Duff “la la la’s” and breaks into song, asking “why not?” She chides a guy who blew her off, but really likes her as a person (“When you see me on the street/you’re makin’ like I turn you off/when I know you think I’m sweet.”) Although in the tradition of silly pop music, stupid rhymes are par for the course as the next lyric goes: “If you say what’s on your mind/I might answer ‘sure’ ” Sure? Well, that’s a non-commital answer. No wonder the guy is afraid to say hello. In the chorus, she tells people to “take a crazy chance” and then “do a crazy dance.” She then learns the guy “always dress(es) in yellow, when (he) wants to dress in gold.” In the non-pop star world, that’s called tacky. In the final verse, she sings that “you’ll never get to heaven or even to L.A./if you don’t believe there’s a way.” L.A. is a dirty, not-so-pretty city and to be romanticized as the closest thing to heaven is the stereotypical view of Hollywood.

Duff’s voice is processed and she half-talks through it. However, the song is just so gosh darn likeable that it doesn’t matter. And seems like Duff gets that, too. It’s supposed to be fun and entertaining, not anything more.


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