Single Review: Beyonce “Me, Myself And I”

Me, Myself and I
Album: Dangerously In Love
Year: 2003

Written by Scott Storch (Christina Aguilera), Robert Waller, and Beyonce, the self-loathing “Me, Myself and I” finds Beyonce happy to be free of a bad relationship. In the ballad, she sings that she should’ve known better not to get involved with her cheating ex-boyfriend (“So young and naive for me to think/she was from your past”) Disillusioned, she thinks of the times she believed him (“So young and naive to believe that with me/you’re a changed man”) Despite the repetition of “so young and naive” again, the verse is articulate, with Beyonce saying exactly how she feels.

However, for all the strength the songwriters are trying to convey, Beyonce comes off bitter. It’s as though being alone is the best and only solution (“Cuz I realized I got/Me, myself and I/that’s all I got in the end/that’s what I found out..from now on/I’m going to be my own best friend.”) While it may good to be alone for a while, it seems as though Beyonce is not going to date, and if she does, she’s not going to trust the person at all.

Wounded by not listening to others, she sings in the second verse that she was warned (“Your family told me one day/I would see it on my own/next thing, I know I’m dealing/with your three kids in my home.”) However, her ex-boyfriend won’t leave her alone and tries to get back together with her (“Now that it’s over/stop calling me/come pick up your clothes/ain’t no need to front like you’re still with me.”) Beyonce shows some range here, by singing it with resentment in her voice. Although at the end, she sings “you hurt me/but I learned a lot along the way…after all the rain/you’ll see the sun come up again,” it’s not quite believable considering the deep-seated self-esteem issues she has.

Beyonce sings in her lower range throughout, leaving the melismas until the last couple times the chrous is sung. The oohs-ohhs at the end are the only excesses in an otherwise sober song. Scott Storch continues his well-written streak of pop singles. He is able to create a song that has feeling, description and layers to it that not many have.


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