Single Review: Enrique Iglesias “Addicted”

Album: Seven
Year: 2003

According to, Enrique Iglesias called his new album ‘Seven’ to “remind his fans just how many records he’s made.” Or to remind them that he’s still around, making records. The subtitle could’ve been: The Baliamos Escape Hero to the Rythmn Divine. Even the music video storyline has been unchanged to keep “reminding” people that he has a single. Hot new, it girl teases the camera by appearing semi-nude. In this it’s case Mischa Barton from the O.C. Enrique checks her out, they have sex, end of video.

The drug in “Addicted” is masturbation. Enrique cannot stop thinking of his fantasy woman. The first sentence in the first verse doesn’t even pretend to be about anything else, except at hinting at the male orgasm: (“Have I told how good, it feels to be me when I’m in you.”) However, the double entendres start with the second lyric: (“I can only stay clean when you are around/Don’t let me fall.”) With that lyric, it’s implied that masturbation is dirty. But yet, casual sex shown between two people is shown in his videos, in which the woman is objectified and only a pretty thing to look at.

In the chorus, he sings that he’s “out of control” and she’s the cure to “keep [him] from dying.” However, in the second verse, he sings about having sexual fantasies of her and warning, I’m not going to sugarcoat here — ejaculates and creates a mess on his bed (“there’s a storm in my head, and it rains on my bed when you’re not here.”) It’s a disgusting, immature lyric that would be sung as a joke on one of MadTV’s skits. A shameful, insecure view of sexuality is presented here. He solidifies it in the second verse with “I’m wasting away/I made a million mistakes/Am I too late?” It’s as though he is asking forgiveness. It’s a natural need he feels that must be denied. Sex also is not pleasurable, outside of his fantasy. The first lyric seems as though he’s thinking of her as being right there with him, specifically with the lyric “if I close my eyes forever/woud it ease the pain?”

The mixed message presents a disconnection with sex. With the lyrics, the woman is someone he might not know and therefore, it’s safe. However, in the video, the woman is an object. Yet again, she is not really a person. But to have sex with her in the video is ok, considering he doesn’t know her and will not seek an emotional bond with her. A fear of intimacy is presented, as in both situations, none of the women truly know Iglesias.

Iglesias is overwrought and seems to going to burst into tears at any moment in his delivery of the lyrics. His voice has also gotten scratchier over the years.


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