Single Review: Fefe Dobson “Take Me Away”

Take Me Away
Album: Fefe Dobson
Year: 2003

Once a new brand of pop becomes familiar, a dozen imitations are released. In 2003, Avril Lavigne imitators were everywhere. Some did really well (Michelle Branch), while others failed (Katy Rose). Island Def Jam was not immune to the Avril-craze. But like Mandy Moore or Willa Ford, who are better than the people they are imitating, Fefe Dobson got lost among the crowd.

However, she was basically marketed like a rockin’ Hilary Duff. Her journal reads like an eleven-year-old. She is constantly she’s a “nerd” and that she cried when she saw “The Notebook.” She has rock-girl poses in her official photos. Her marketing going in two different directions, which means: 1) by acting like an eleven-year-old, she alienates the adult audience who may actually want to hear something better than Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff and 2)by being all rock girl-like with the wife beaters she alienates those who are tired of Lavigne. Either way, her marketing didn’t put the correct image out there for her.

“Take Me Away” is a polished but genuine love song. Although it opens in a generic fashion (lots of loud guitars before the first verse), Dobson redeems it by singing her heart out. The girl’s got spunk. She’s not timid at all with her vocals like most female rock singers nowadays. In the song, she is in a relationship that is looked down upon. Although he’s her dream guy (“I’ve been waiting all my life to know you”), nobody wants them to be together.
Dobson’s intrepretation of the song is that it could involve an interracial relationship or a relationship of people who are of different religions. Her intrepretation is supported by the use of the phrases “everybody’s watchin’ or “talkin'”

And here is the marketing mind boggler: if a there is an intelligent 19-year-old in the media (which is rare now), why not market her as such? After years of marketing pop stars as blank slates or younger than they are, hearing a 19-year-old sing about the problems of an interracial relationship is a breath of fresh air.


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