Single Review: Hilary Duff “Fly”

Album: Hilary Duff
Year: 2004

In the promotional photos for Hilary Duff’s new album, her record label is going for the porn star look, or what is known as the adult Hilary. The ashy blond hair flowing with the aid of a wind machine, the pouty lips glossed with the color blushing pink and eyes that say “come here, boy. I won’t bite — unless you want me to.”

However, one major flaw in the marketing so far: the website isn’t ready with the new look and the CD is coming out on the 28th of September. But unless that at the last minute, they decided to ditch the design they were going for and are starting from square one, there’s no excuse. With little information to go by (including who wrote her new single), her marketing seems to cruising along, depending on the monster success of her last album to draw interest.

The moody “Fly” finds Duff leaving her Debbie Gibson-esque pop behind and heading into a modern rock direction. However, she wants to inspire and have people follow their dreams. In the first verse, Duff is thinking how quickly life changed for the worse the other day for her friend, but she encourages the person to just enjoy the little things for a moment (“Any moment, everything can change/feel the wind on your shoulder/for a minute, all the world can wait/let go of your yesterday”). She tells her friend to “fly” in the chorus and to “forget about the reasons why you can’t in life/and start to try ’cause it’s your time/time to fly”

The motivational speech continues in the second verse, as she half sings-half yells, “and we’re you’re down and feel alone/and you want to run away/trust yourself and don’t give up/you know you better than anyone else.” She’s like Tony Robbins in heels. Then she repeats the first verse and the chorus for the last minute and a half.
The girl, contrary to her marketing, cannot rock. Her voice needs to be bigger and less sugary. Her way of rocking is singing in a lower register in a monotone voice and then yelling the word “yesterday” as loud as she can. Except it’s a faint yell that stops mid-way through, if only because she can’t sustain the intensity.


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