Single Review: Murphy Lee & Jermaine Dupri “Wat Hook Gon Be”

Wat Da Hook Gon Be
Album: Murphy’s Law
Year: 2003

On his single, “Wat Da Hook Gon Be,” rapper Murphy Lee boasts that his music doesn’t even need one. Well, not his own, original hook anyway. Preferably a sampled hook from an already successful song and updated by R&B’s biggest producers, Jermaine Dupri.

In the first verse, he raps “what comes up must come down/but we ain’t going down.” Apparently, he has forgotten the rise and fall of Ja Rule. As he calls out people who pretend to be his friends, but then talk bad about him, he caps it with an excellent reason why they probably are: “my cars and my money all alike man, both them filthy (get it?)/from skimpy and empty to fuel on full” So Murphy is rubbing it their faces that he has money and everything he wants now. Not to mention he thinks he above the law and can do anything he pleases (“See I be high when my car go Bulls/obey no rules to school you fools.”) Then he starts repeating the word “dude” and repeating it, despite the fact that it doesn’t make any sense (“Schoolboy’s err’y where, we’re Young Dude news/St. Louis like Louis D. Miles and Larry Hughes/And the Young Dude done paid young dudes’ dues dude.”

Then the hook comes in (which he claims he doesn’t need) and he proclaims “All I need, is the track in the background/my headphones loud, keep the blunt goin’ round and I’ma rip.” Murphy, your friends will think the anything you rap will be deep and cool, as long as you have the stuff. Not like they will remember your raps in the morning, though.

In the second verse, he samples from Annie’s “Tomorrow,” which is ironic. The rapper who claims he doesn’t need hooks is using whatever he can (including show tunes) to sell a song. For the third verse, he’s just Murphy from the block. Don’t be fooled by his rocks. Wait. Be fooled otherwise he won’t let the neighborhood forget that he is rich. Murphy Lee is a C-list rapper with a short shelf-life. However, his advantage is his friendship with Nelly. As long as Nelly stays popular, Murphy Lee is going to be around, too.


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