Single Review: Shania Twain “Ka-Ching!”

Album: Up!
Year: 2003

Shania Twain is an unmaterialistic girl living in a material world in the single, “Ka-Ching!”

The savvy “Ka-Ching” takes on capitalism. Opening with sound of a cash register ringing, Twain then sings that the U.S. teaches children to want and want and want (“we live in a greedy, little world/that teaches every little boy and girl/to earn as much as they can possibly/then turn around and spend it foolishly”) and that the adults don’t know how to spend their money wisely, either (“we created ourselves a credit card mess.”) And as soon as the money is there, people will go the new churches — the malls (“Our religion is to go and blow it all/so it’s shoppin’ every Sunday at the mall.”) While that may sound that like a far-reaching comparison, it’s not. Malls and stores used to be closed on Sundays because of it being a Holy Day. However, that has changed and the stores are open either normal time or close early in the evening.

In the chorus, Twain sings the satsification and fulfillment people find in buying and having more money and things (“Can you hear it ring/it makes you wanna sing/it’s such a beautiful thing — Ka-ching!”) In the second verse, she sings that the shallow, materalistic people are irresponsible and will go to drastic lengths, including risking foreclosure on their home to buy more stuff: “when you’re broke go and get a loan/take out another mortgage on your home/consolidate so you can afford/to and spend some more when/you get bored.” She taunts them in the bridge, singing, “Dig deeper in your pocket/Oh yeah/Come on, I know you’ve got it.”

Twain’s delivery matter-of-fact and matches the biting tone.With this gem, she proves that she is capable of writing music with some substance to it. Unlike her previous hits, “Ka-Ching!” is against type. Pop music is being about glamorous, into high-fashion, and living in mansions. However, Twain sees the emptiness of it all and sings about something different for once


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