Single Review: Trapt “Headstrong”

Album: Trapt
Year: 2003

Life sucks. Even if you’re the homecoming king. ‘Cause all those keg-parties with the drinking and having every girl flirt with you is a tough way to go through high school. In a Rolling Stone article, Chris Brown, guitarist for the nu-metal band Trapt follows up his story about being at the keg parties and a high school football player with “and I’m not crying about how I was mistreated in life.”

In the band’s debut single, “Headstrong,” they talk about how they were mistreated in life. With an interview with, Chris Brown continues the bull with “being a naive high school kid, I felt like the world and the PTA moms and the cops were against me and were trying to hold me down.” How? By taking away his homecoming king crown and hiding it, allowing him not to think “hey, girls want me.” Threatening to not show his great plays during the county playoffs to everybody they know, meaning they will not see the how excellent he thinks he is?

“Headstrong,” with its cheerleading chorus, is a cocky and obnoxious single about not liking someone. Then, being really, really angry about it and telling them off. Trapt opens the single with booming drums and a limp electric guitar providing the hook. The lyrics are sung quickly, to perhaps to convey confusion But instead, it comes off as schoolyard taunting as Brown says “contemplating everything you ever said/Now I see the truth, I got doubt/A different motive in your eyes and now I’m out/See you later.” Although he has the caught the person in their treacheery, he continues on his rant that that this person wants to see them fail (“I see your fantasy, You want to make it a reality paved in gold/see inside, inside our heads.”)

Then in the chorus, he bullies the other person by singing “back off I’ll take you on/
Headstrong/ to take on anyone.” He tells the person they don’t belong and then pities himself, “I can’t give everything away/I won’t give everything away.”

A non sequitor begins the second verse (“conclusions manifest/your first impression must be your very best”) and then says that the guy is full s-h-i-t (he doesn’t really say it, though.) It’s bleeped out cause swearing is bad. Justl like this single! Then ends it with “That’s how you play, I guess you’ll get through every night.”Seriously, take the guy’s lunch money and get over it.


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