Single Review: Ashanti “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)”

Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)
Album: Chapter II
Year: 2003

In an interview with, she reveals her writing process: eavesdropping. “I listen to their (her friends and family) stories when they come in [the studio]. They don’t think I’m awake, [but] I listen to what they go through on South Beach.” While for really great writers, this would be intriguing. For Ashanti, it’s smug and self-important. If she found some something to write about instead of her ‘baby,’ maybe she would actually sound creative instead of overhyped.

According to, producer Irv Gotti told Ashanti to ‘OD on saying ‘awww baby.’ Ashanti felt that she was repeating it too much. However, she should’ve listened to her instincts instead of letting Gotti tell her that it would be ok to subtitle it. It would be enough to create a drinking game out of it.

So I shall. Pick your favorite drink and play along. The single begins with the intro, making for a buzz-worthy beginning. (“Awww Baby (Yeah Murder Inc.)/Ohh I love you baby/really love you baby, ooh baby (Ashanti, Chapter 2, let’s rock”) Baby is used 4 times, including the title. For the first chorus, just chug. However, after that for every baby, that follows, take a sip There are bits of self-promotion in here, so the person closest to the CD player/radio has to take a shot. It’s their penalty for not turning the damn song off.

In the chorus that follows people have to have to run their hands through her like Ashanti does, the last person to stop before the verse begins, has to take a shot. There are also some “baby’s in there” so everyone takes some sips regardless. (“Can you rock with me, (Awww Baby)/…I just wanna love you baby, (Love you baby)/Always thinking of you baby. (Thinking of you baby)/can you roll with me (ooh baby)/I just wanna love you baby/always thinking of you baby.”

For the chorus, if anyone is with their significant other and sitting close to each other: take a shot. “I think I like how your body feels next to me/Awww baby when your kissing me,
Awww baby when your loving me.” There are also more baby’s which means at least seven more sips for everybody else. Then it’s back to the chorus and it’s time for some more sips.

In the second verse, if you have ever been a situation where you have liked a person more than just a friend, take a shot for every time. (“See I don’t know if I can handle you as just a friend/aww baby, I can’t pretend/awww baby, I’m so far in.”) Three more babys, three sips. Are you drunk yet? You will be soon. Of course, it’s back to chorus, time to take at least seven more sips.

If anyone has called a significant other ‘baby’ as a pet name, take two shots. If not, normal rules apply and everyone takes a sip. (“Oohh you make me wanna say/awww baby, awww baby/ooh baby, oooh baby/if you feel me help me say/awww baby, awww baby, oohh baby, ooh baby”). The chorus is repeated four times until the end, so chug again. The last person to finish has to take a shot.

Ashanti may have changed her look from ghetto to glamorous, however, the marketing cannot the change the fact that it’s still the repetitive, tone-deaf music from the last album.


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