Single Review: Dream & Loon “Crazy”

Album: Reality (Unreleased)
Year: 2003

On their second album, cotton candy-pop girl group Dream were supposed to go ghetto. According to, the album was perhaps going to include a songs with Eve, the Neptunes. The websites even features a countdown (as its introduction) and then a picture of the four young women dressed provactively. Mostly, their boobs are hanging out as they stare uncomfortably at the camera. Only one group member is fully clothed and she has the best glamour shot of them all. She actually looks like she is having fun. And isn’t that the point?There is also a new released date for the album: May 25th.

A letter is also on the website. It reads: “After “Crazy” came out we
decided we wanted to slow down for a minute and make sure we were ready totake on the world with the rest of our music. We definitely feel we are close to being where we want to be, so hopefully you’ll hang in there just a little bit longer. ” However, the hypersexualized look is so disturbing on young women (especially them) and that looks to be the new direction. Hopefully, the R&B direction was scrapped in the revamping of Dream.

“Crazy,” with scattered Mid-Eastern beats and Holly’s mismatched vocals, drags and is without the brassiness that was in past singles. In the single, Holly is trying to tell a guy how she feels about him. But she does it in the most uninteresting and predictable way (“Boy I know you’re a bit unsure/so I wanna let you know that you got me/baby, I’m all yours/gotta have you around”). In the chorus, it’s Holly again with everyone else’s vocals turned down low as they sing: “I’m crazy bout you (crazy)/And I, I gotta have you cuz/I like the way you makin’ me feel (boy I like the way)/Boy, I’m for real.”

In the second verse, Holly finally reveals her secret to him just as he is ready to leave. After that, Loon’s rap is next. However, Loon sounds like he’s there for the paycheck and could care less. In the rap, he compliments by saying she is “as pretty as the sunshine/Girl you’s a gold mine wifey and da whole nine.” His swear word is edited out (which is a pet peeve). Editing it undermines the marketing to an adult audience. His part is return Holly’s feelings, which he does. He raps that although he’s independent and doesn’t like to settle down, he will “because you got me crazy.”

Holly is being marketed as the “star” of the group. As her glamour shot mostly has her breasts on display and her voice is the lead on every verse and chorus. New member, Kasey Sheridan? Her voice is blended with the others in the chorus. But the group as a whole should trade vocals. Holly’s vocals, while they are well-suited for pop, are sluggish for R&B. For Dream to work, it needs to be a group effort.


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