Single Review: Jennifer Lopez “Baby, I Love U!”

Baby, I Love U!
Album: This Is Me…Then
Year: 2003

By the release of the fourth single from “This Is Me…Then,” the Bennifer relationship was over. According to Britian’s New magazine and the Internet movie database, the single was delayed and with pictures of them together, with a love note written by Jennifer Lopez on the cover. Changes were made to avoid “riducle.” After the failure of Gigli, being almost cut of Jersey Girl, the stripper incident, and the Dateline Interview where Affleck puts her down, this is when she tries to save face?

In “Baby, I Love U,” the worshipping of Ben Affleck continues. In the first verse, she is so consumed by feelings that she cannot form a sentence. She just can’t stop saying the word and its various tenses. (“Boy I never knew I could feel/the way I felt when I felt/they way you were feelin me baby”). To translate J-Lo speak, it means she felt good when she found out that Ben felt the same way about her. She “adores”(yeah, someone stopped using the theasurus as a coaster!) his eyes and asks him if she will still love him tomorrow or is it true love (“Can you love me for a lifetime/or just one night ohh”).

In the chorus, she falls all over him, squeaking “baby I love you/baby, I need you/I gotta have you baby/can’t be without you.”) Each lyric is sung, especially in the second verse, with dramatic flair. She was “blessed and cursed on the same day [she] met [him] due to [his] power.” She emphasizes the word “strong” in the next lyric. She pauses, drags the word out, and lowers her voice. Jennifer, there isn’t an Oscar for best actress in song nor will there ever will be. She sings, as though it were an intelligent thought that “there comes a time in everyones life/when you know that everyone around you knows/that everything has changed.” Somehow, she manages to chew scenery in song as she adds a wimpy growl to the last lyric, “you’re not the same.” She sings in a monotone voice that “there’s got to more meaning to this than what meets the eye.” As for the public knew about Bennifer, it was only sex. According to Affleck, his friends were high-fiving him as he was bragging about having sex with Lopez. Kevin Smith would later say on the Tonight Show that on the set of “Jersey Girl,” they would repeatedly “bang.” Not a lot of meaning there.

However, it seems as though Lopez didn’t learn her lesson from the Bennifer ordeal as she has expressed wanting to be in a movie with Marc Anthony, the studios have. In commercials for her new movie, “Shall We Dance,” she is only mentioned as an afterthought.


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