Single Review: Mya “My Love Is Like…Wo”

My Love Is Like…Wo
Album: Moodring
Year: 2003

There is plenty of color on Mya’s website, which is to reinforce the mood ring theme. The word moodring is in various bright shades of red, yellow, and green. Below it, the writing directing people to sites is slightly larger than most sites. It’s attention-grabbing and flashy.

However, Mya is depending on flash to keep her career going, as well as the occansional cameo in a movie. The pubescencent “My Love Is Like…Wo,” written by Missy Elliott, Charles Bereal & Kenneth Bereal, finds Mya trying to seduce the guy she likes and succeeding.

In the intro, Mya declares that after he’s slept with her, he’ll never want to sleep anyone else again (“See baby, I know you done had your share of girls/I am more than confident that you won’t ever have to search in these streets for affection/I got you”). However, after all the bravado, she is in the submissive role in the relationship. She asks him “what kind of girl you like..tell me am I your type?” Her main “goal is to please [him].” Then she invites him over to her place.

The chorus is in teen-speak, as she sings that “my love is like…wo/my kiss is like..wo/my touch is like…wo/my sex is like…wo/my ass is like…wo/my body’s like…wo.” ]Instead of being the ultimate seductress, she sounds as though she’s a young girl who is discovering her sexuality and doesn’t know how to act.

In the second verse, she attempts to flirt by asking if he “will come through/’Cause I’ll be waitin’ up right here/Can you bring some Belvedere?/So we can pop the cork and cheers/Please have no fear yeah… I just wanna love you right.” However, it comes across as desperate and too eager. He eventually goes home with her as she tells him, “taste it/taste it/…love me strong.”

While Mya enjoys her sexuality in the single, in it’s in an unhealthy way. She acts like she is in control in the intro, but she rather do what he wants. She practically begs for him to come home with her. She presents herself as an easy lay and at the core, doesn’t respect herself. The single would’ve been better if Mya were to sing lyrics like “please me..I’m the type the girl you like, etc.” Those lyric would at least correctly promote a woman who understands her sexuality.


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